A flicker of hope

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Sorry, I have  not taken any other photos since then
Sorry, I have not taken any other photos since then
This is just a very short update as I am writing this in the internet cafe at Gorak Shep. Yesterday, I and six of my team members thought that we might be going for the summit this morning. Russell had looked at the weather forecast and thought that there might be a lull in the wind for a few days. He picked the members of the team he thought were fastest, strongest and had the best technical abilities and said that we had a slight chance that we could be going up. However, as it turned out the break in the wind did not seem long enough and going up could have been too dangerous. Well, it was certainly an exciting morning for me as for the first time in this trip I felt immensly emotional and actually a little bit scared. I guess when Russell said that we could be going for the summit it finally sank in that I really am going to climb the highest mountain in the world. I even had a bit of a cry in my tent – not necessarily because I was scared but because I was so close to finally set foot on the highest point in the world. Well, I guess I will just have to wait a little bit more.

Anyway, I will write more about the waiting game in a couple of days as I am sure that I will have lots of time to do so. In the meantime I would like to thank all of you for your lovely and encouraging messages – you have no idea how much I enjoy reading them! So, once again – thank you so much for all your support!

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  1. mac

    Billi – I just found your web site and got caught up during a long walk in the desert. Am sure I am much warmer than you right now. My thoughts are with you and the team.You appear to be doing great. Keep up the faith and stay well. By the way – my thumb is A OK..Mac

  2. Christian Steffl

    Hallo Billi, nach dem ich von Edi etwas geh├Ârt habe w├╝nsche ich dir noch viel Gl├╝ck und mit deiner “positiven Einstellung klappt das schon!!


  3. Steffi

    Billi, ich kann mir vorstellen, dass die Emotionen blank liegen wenn man denkt, jetzt ist es soweit, und dann muss man doch wieder warten…
    Hab Geduld – es dauert nicht mehr lang! Ich fiebere mit Euch allen mit… be safe! Saphalhos!

  4. Fergus Anderson

    Thinking of you.

  5. Tammy

    good luck and be very patient .it will happen.
    be safe and enjoy the moments .can not wait to read all about it .
    all the best from an aussie chick wishing she was there

  6. Rosemary Lynch

    How exciting Billi, can’t wait for your message saying you have been up and now are back and safe. I have no doubt but that you will make it. Soo glad you found so much patience, bet you are even surprising yourself. God bless, say hello to HIM while up there as you will never be so near again. Bye Slan leat.

  7. claudia

    Liebe Billi,

    jetzt musst Du tatsaechlich abwarten und Tee trinken… Wir schauen jeden Tag bei Dir rein und sind immer bei Dir. Pass gut auf Dich auf und alles Liebe und Gute fuer Deinen Traum. Bussi C + C in the Alps

  8. adele

    Be patient, keep eating and enjoy!
    Big hugs xx

  9. Steve

    Hi Billy

    Great job – you’ll make it. We’re all rooting for you!


  10. Paul Firth

    Hang in there Billi! It is all in the head. I’ve been watching with avid interest – good luck and keep your wits about you! Paul

  11. Chris

    I am going to head to Boulder and hang with Chrissie go to a Nepali dining establishment and hopefully be toasting your safe return….. Sounds like you are having fun!

  12. Valeria

    Hey Billi, nach dem Projektbesuch in Nepal bin ich wieder in der CH und bin gerade v├Âllig in Deine Erlebnisberichte versunken – Deine Energie ist unglaublich und ich bin sicher sie wird Dich auf den Gipfel bringen! Ich dr├╝ck die Daumen, dass auch Wetter und Verh├Ąltnisse bald mitspielen!
    Herzlich, Valeria

  13. Alan Arnette

    Billi, Not sure where you are today – Thursday 7 May. But I hope you are safe and doing well. Just thinking about you and all the climbers up the on this tragic day. Climb safe. Alan

  14. Chris Censullo

    Billi, you go walk right up that hill!

  15. Larissa

    Hey Billi! I have been avidly following your ascent and tales of life on the mountain along with the brilliant sherpas. Your descriptions (and emotions) have really brought it all to life, and brought back memories of time spent at Gorak Shep gazing up at that extraordinary peak.
    If there’s anyone who can get to the top, it’s you. You’re fit, strong, mentally tough, and yet gentle and understanding at the same time, so will have the heartfelt support of all your fantastic team and others on the mountain.
    There are fingers and toes crossed all over the globe for your successful final push.
    Go Team Didi!!

  16. mama

    ganz liebe gr├╝sse aus stollberg, alle sachsen dr├╝cken dir die daumen und bewundern dich┬┤,jetzt musst halt wieder ein bisserl geduld haben dickes bussi mama

  17. caroline

    You have everything on your side to make it happen. You’re fit, strong, determined, quick on the tracks and surrounded by an awesome team … no doubt you will acheive your dream. All my warmest thoughts are with you … ­čÖé

  18. Katja

    Liebe Billi – w├╝nsch’ Dir weiterhin viel Geduld und denke an Dich. ├ťbe mich auch grad’ im geduldig-sein: das Baby ist inzwischen ein Tag “overdue” und macht keinerlei Anstalten auf die Welt zu kommen. Sei umarmt, liebe Gr├╝sse aus der Schweiz

  19. jeevan

    Bravo!!!!!! Billi

  20. TINA

    Billi, es gibt nichts Spannenderes f├╝r mich, als jeden Tag Deine Seite aufzurufen und Deine Erlebnisse mit Dir zu teilen…ich w├╝nschte, ich w├Ąre live dabei!!!! Du bist so nah dran an Deinem Traum and than you will be on the highest point of the world…..was f├╝r ein Gef├╝hl. F├╝hl Dich umarmt TINA

  21. Judith

    Billi, ich w├╝nschte ich w├Ąre mit dir gesessen und h├Ątte deine Erlebnisse live geh├Ârt! Vielen Dank, dass du uns durch deine Eintr├Ąge in deine -mir fremde- Welt mitnimmst. May your dreams come true.. und komm gesund wieder. Bussis Judith

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