Read more about the article Ladakh – the land of high passes
Angela from Ireland and I moving to the tunes of my iPod at 5,000m

Ladakh – the land of high passes

I just got back from the beautiful region of Ladakh in northern India, where I was leading a trek to Tso Moriri and Lungser Kangri, a 6,666m peak, which unfortunately we did not get to the top of due to bad weather. However, despite the disappointment of…

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Read more about the article Back in the sweltering heat of Islamabad
Miriam, who has just become the fourth German woman to reach Mount Everest, and I waving the Bavarian flag in the Western Cwm

Back in the sweltering heat of Islamabad

Just about two weeks after having left base camp and the cold, I am back in Islamabad, where temperatures are currently soaring up to about 45 C. Life happens so fast sometimes and my Lhotse expedition, which I utterly enjoyed, seems so far away when I ride…

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Billi back at basecamp

Hello, this is Billi's robot. Good news. Just received another sms from Basecamp, or 'BC' in the local language. In it Billi says "Can u do me a huge favor and just put on my website that I summitted on 26th May at 5am and Billi will…

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Sum it!

This is Billi's robot in Kathmandu. Information just arrived from basecamp by text message that Billi summitted and is now on the way back down to camp II. And the weather is lovely! Thus more directly, live from Billi very soon!

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Up to camp two

This is Billi's robot! Just received a message from Billi in her sleeping bag saying that she is heading up to camp two (2 / ii ) for three (3 / iii) days. She is "acclimatising on the mountain" which is surely the best place to do…

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On the way to base camp

I'm on my third day in the Everest region and I reached Russell's Lobuche camp at 4,900m on Wednesday morning. I'm feeling good despite the fact that I steamed up the khumbu in less than three days. I met a few friends on the way and arriving…

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