Everest Season is winding down

This year’s Everest season has been heavily covered by the international news and I am wondering whether I should actually comment on it or not. I have had a few phone calls from journalists wanting to hear my opinion about what happened on the mountain this year,…

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Getting ready to head out

Another fortnight has gone and I have been rushing around Kathmandu trying to catch up with the teams I need to interview for Miss Elizabeth Hawley’s Himalayan Database. Kathmandu’s tourist district Thamel is noticeably filling up with trekkers and climbers, bars are getting busier and mobile phone…

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The end is nigh

After having spent five months working for the Swiss Humanitarian Aid in Berne, time has come to say goodbye to Europe and head back to my other life in Nepal.   I have had a very interesting and fulfilling five months in the Western world and like…

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Thank you

This is just a very quick note to say Thank You to everyone who came to my Manaslu presentation and who supported the solar light project in the region. More than 100 people attended the event, which was hosted by Sport Conrad in Garmisch-Part., and it was…

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Slide Show in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

On the second weekend in December, I will present pictures and a few stories about my two Manaslu expeditions. Manaslu, also called 'Mountain of the Spirits', is the eighth highest mountain in the world and is located in the Lamjung District in the northern Himalaya range. The…

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Manaslu as I saw it in 2010

Peaks, politics and prime ministers

When I arrived in Kathmandu last Sunday, I had no idea that this was the day of the country’s general elections. I had long lost track of who was actually ruling the country as the seat of the prime minister has been swapped around a few times…

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Edi and I on top of the Wildspitze

Wildspitze and other outdoor joys

I have been in Europe for two weeks and I am enjoying the good food, the clean air, the organised life and all the outdoor possibilities Europe has on offer. I have been swimming in lakes and rivers and have been hiking in the Alps.   Last…

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Angela from Ireland and I moving to the tunes of my iPod at 5,000m

Ladakh – the land of high passes

I just got back from the beautiful region of Ladakh in northern India, where I was leading a trek to Tso Moriri and Lungser Kangri, a 6,666m peak, which unfortunately we did not get to the top of due to bad weather. However, despite the disappointment of…

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There is always time to plank - even at Concordia at 4,900m

The dramatic scenery of the Karakorum

This is just a quick update whilst in civilisation before I go off into the mountains again. I have just come back from trekking to Concordia and the K2 memorial site in Pakistan and even though I had rather climb mountains than just trek, this trip was…

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Miriam, who has just become the fourth German woman to reach Mount Everest, and I waving the Bavarian flag in the Western Cwm

Back in the sweltering heat of Islamabad

Just about two weeks after having left base camp and the cold, I am back in Islamabad, where temperatures are currently soaring up to about 45 C. Life happens so fast sometimes and my Lhotse expedition, which I utterly enjoyed, seems so far away when I ride…

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The floods continue

I don’t think I have to say any more about the floods in Pakistan as I am sure you are all seeing daily pictures of these devastating waters that have submerged one fifth of Pakistan’s land – and it does not seem to be over yet. While…

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The relentless rains just don’t want to stop

Most of you will have heard that Pakistan has been hit by severe floods following torrential rains that fell over one week ago, and the extent of these raging waters engulfing the country is still not quite clear. Here in Islamabad, the situation is ok but I…

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