Everest Season is winding down

This year’s Everest season has been heavily covered by the international news and I am wondering whether I should actually comment on it or not. I have had a few phone calls from journalists wanting to hear my opinion about what happened on the mountain this year,…

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Leaving the Khumbu

After two days of brisk walking, I arrived in Lukla on Sunday night hoping that I would get to Kathmandu on Monday morning. However, the Agni Air plane that I was supposed to fly to the capital with, unfortunately crashed in Jomsom - the gateway to the…

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Ueli in Pheriche (courtesy of himself)

Billi interviews Ueli Steck

Hello, this is Billi's robot in Kathmandu posting on Billi's behalf. Billi is very busy chasing men around Everest Base Camp asking them questions, including the guy in the red jacket above. You can listen to the short interview here on World Radio Switzerland.

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