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Early morning at the river Aare on one of my training runs

Off to Rome – and a huge Thank You!

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In just a few hours, I will leave the office and head to Rome, but before I take off I would like to send a huge Thank You into cyberspace for all these generous donations. It has been a wonderful week and I am truly amazed by the kindness of the people around me. Declan and I have been sending each other gazillions of emails per day, sharing news on donations and getting excited that the year 2014 has had a great start for and the children this organisation looks after.

On the river on one of my early morning training runs
Early morning at the river Aare on one of my training runs

It has also been wonderful for me to see how little things I have done for people – whether it is a few translations I have done for free, or writing a foreword for a book of a friend of mine – have come back with great charitableness for this great cause. I would like to thank you one more time – in Declan’s and my name – for this incredible support.

Now, the only thing I have to do is run the 42.195km across the cobblestones of Rome, which I am sure will be a lot easier now that I am running it for the street kids in Nepal. I will probably not be able to finish it much faster than anticipated (even now I guess there is a bit more pressure on me), however, I will run each and every kilometre for everyone who has given so kindly.

Thank You!

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  1. Declan @ just-one


    It’s just gone 9.30am in Rome as I type these lines on a sunny afternoon in Kathmandu and so you’re almost an hour into striding across those ancient cobblestones right now – earning each and every one of the ‚ā¨4,495 you’ve managed to raise for just-one so far through your fantastic fundraising endeavour and the incredible generosity of your wonderful friends and fan-base!!

    I want to wish you all the very best for your challenge over the next few hours and to also thank you and all those who’ve so kindly supported your valuable initiative – one which will be hugely beneficial to the ongoing success of just-one’s important work here in Kathmandu.

    Thank you! Thank you!! And thank you again!!!

    :o), d.

  2. markus

    Hi Billy

    Ich w√ľnsch dir viel Spass u ne gute zeit!
    Lg markus

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