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The Just-One kids shouting a big Thank You out to you

A huge ‘Thank You’ from Just-One

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I have just paid a visit to Just-One, the organisation you so kindly supported through my Rome marathon, and the kids there all shouted a very big ‘THANK YOU’ for your help.

Declan and I did the accounts and we came up with a total of 695,000 NPR, which converts into 5,350 Euros, that I raised – even though I didn’t manage to run the 42,195km in less than four hours as I had anticipated.

The Just-One kids shouting a big Thank You out to you
The Just-One kids shouting a big Thank You out to you

So, on the eve before I leave Kathmandu to go back to Europe to take up a two-month-job with the Swiss Humanitarian Aid again, I would also like to send a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone, who supported Just-One.

It was great to meet the kids and see that after having had a tough life in the streets of Kathmandu, they are now being allowed to be children again and do ‘kids-stuff’, such as playing, rope skipping or doing their homework. “Some of the children were living on the street whilst others had a tough life at home and were either physically or sexually abused,” Declan explained.

“These kids have no idea how lucky they are to have ended up with this organisation,” I thought to myself being aware of the fact that the children Just-One is helping is just a fraction of the kids that would need help in Nepal. However, with your kind donation the organisation will be able to help more children and make sure that they will end up on the right path and find a better life.

Thank you, and thank you Declan for setting up this great organisation.

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  1. Rosemary in Ireland

    Well done Billi. Declan is looking good.

  2. Declan

    Thank you too Billi and all those who have kindly supported your very welcome (and lucrative ;o) endeavour in support of just-one’s on-going work here in Nepal. I can only hope that you saw during today’s visit just how appreciated it is. Many thanks once again!! :o), d.

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