Thanks for taking the time to look at my website.

 Even though I have now made it to the top of Mount Everest, where I arrived on 21 May 2009 at 9.45am, I would like to keep up my diary as it gives me the opportunity to talk about Nepal, its people and its mountaineers – and about my other adventures.  You can also find out more about my work as a journalist, you can read articles I have written and you can read more about my life as a mountain leader and Miss Hawley’s assistant.

Since I started my website in 2009, I have been lucky enough to climb three 8,000m peaks (one of them twice) in Nepal. On 1st October 2010, I became the first German woman to reach the top of Manaslu (8th highest mountain in the world), on 24th May 2011, I was the first German woman to climb Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain and on 5th October 2011 I became the first German woman to climb Manaslu (again) without using supplementary oxygen. Climbing in the high Himalaya is a real addiction and I can now understand all those climbers and mountaineers, who keep on coming to Nepal or Pakistan every year to reach yet another peak. Even though climbing at high altitude is hard and you often ask yourself why you are doing it when you are slogging up the hill, you are getting drawn back to the high peaks every year.

So, I guess I got the bug and I will probably continue to climb big mountains, which are within my skills, for quite some time. In between expeditions, I have to earn some money and I hope that my jobs will continue to take me to interesting places, where I can also keep you updated from. So, watch the space!