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Ueli in Pheriche (courtesy of himself)

Billi interviews Ueli Steck

Hello, this is Billi's robot in Kathmandu posting on Billi's behalf. Billi is very busy chasing men around Everest Base Camp asking them questions, including the guy in the red jacket above. You can listen to the short interview here on World Radio Switzerland.

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Switzerland establishes closer ties with Nepal

After 50 years of close cooperation with Nepal, Switzerland is opening an embassy in the capital Kathmandu. Billi Bierling spoke to the new Swiss ambassador, Thomas Gass, about his new role in the Himalayan country. Article on the Swiss news website ''

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Life in Kathmandu crippled by strike

For those who are not only interested in Nepal’s beautiful mountain ranges but also share an interest in the political life of the country, here is a short update on where Nepal stands politically at the moment. The week has started with a so-called Bandh, or shutdown…

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Mountaineering world mourns death of Aussie climber

A lot happened in Kathmandu last week, hence the silence on my website. However, one of the sad events was the death of Mick Parker, a fine Australian climber and friend of mine. Mick, together with British mountaineer Roland Hunter, had just come back from a successful…

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