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Running over the Bosphorus Bridge from Asia to Europe

Islamabad, Istanbul and Important Hot-Water-Bottles

I am sitting here drenched in sweat even though our little house in Islamabad is rather cold at the moment. Winter has started and the temperatures have dropped significantly and in spite of being warm outside in the sun, it requires a shawl, a hat and a…

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Back in Islamagood

It has been exactly four weeks that I came back from Makalu, spent five days with my friends in Kathmandu and quickly took off again to start another batch of working for the Swiss Agency for Development and Corporation (SDC) here in Islamabad. It has been a…

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Evening atmosphere at the Makalu La at 7,400m

Between two worlds

Finally, my mind has arrived where my body has been for the past five days – in the heat and dust of Kathmandu, where roadworks are still ongoing and even getting on a bike through the traffic has become almost impossible. However, it has been great to…

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Makalu expedition over

Robot: As reported by Billi on her satphone: "EXPEDITION OVER. WE R AT C2 BUT ITS FAR TOO WINDY TO MOVE TO THE MAKALU LA. WEATHER NOT SUPPOSED TO IMPROVE, SO WE ARE GOING DOWN. MORE ..." soon.... See more updates on Billi's Twitter feed.

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Billi on Twitter

Hopefully will will now also being on Twitter and posting from her satphone over the coming days. Hopefully. Follow her here: Tweets by @BilliBierling

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Robot update

Robot here. Received a small text from Billi yesterday. It mentioned that she is safe and well and hoping to be up the around 29 September (i.e. today). She says also that she is feeling good but slow, as always.  More updates as I receive them!

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Shops are being torn away - but business is ongoing

Off to Makalu

After having spent a week in Kathmandu it is time to leave again. It has been great to see friends and be back in the city for a few days, however, the current road widening campaign that is going on all over the city makes getting around…

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Makalu seen from the top of the fourth highest peak in the world - Lhotse

Edging Closer towards a New Adventure

After having come back from Kilimanjaro and the Safari that goes with it, I all of a sudden noticed that it was only 10 more days until I will leave for my next adventure and go to Makalu, the fifth highest peak in the world. The Tanzania…

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On the Road Again

After having spent six beautiful weeks in Europe I am on the road again – first to Tanzania, then back to Nepal and later in the year to Pakistan for work . Europe was beautiful and I really enjoyed Bavaria, my friends’ and family’s company, the peace…

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Everest Season is winding down

This year’s Everest season has been heavily covered by the international news and I am wondering whether I should actually comment on it or not. I have had a few phone calls from journalists wanting to hear my opinion about what happened on the mountain this year,…

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Leaving the Khumbu

After two days of brisk walking, I arrived in Lukla on Sunday night hoping that I would get to Kathmandu on Monday morning. However, the Agni Air plane that I was supposed to fly to the capital with, unfortunately crashed in Jomsom - the gateway to the…

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Expedition cancelled

Most of you might have heard already that Russell Brice has cancelled all his Himalayan expeditions for this season. The reason is the particularly dangerous route through the icefall this year as well as the rockfall on the Lhotse Face. You will find the reasons for this…

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Ueli in Pheriche (courtesy of himself)

Billi interviews Ueli Steck

Hello, this is Billi's robot in Kathmandu posting on Billi's behalf. Billi is very busy chasing men around Everest Base Camp asking them questions, including the guy in the red jacket above. You can listen to the short interview here on World Radio Switzerland.

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Lobuje Peak

We have just come back down from Lobuje East and, as always, it was beautiful. Lobuje offers the most amazing views of the surrounding peaks and when we go back up on Tuesday for our two nights of acclimatisation, I shall post a picture of the panorama…

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Off to Lobuje East

After about 12 days at base camp I am looking forward to going climbing again – even though it is only obuje East, a peak that I have already climbed eight times. I will be joining our Lhotse and Nuptse teams and will be going with my…

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Office with a view

I am sitting on a rock near Pumori base camp after I went for a short morning walk to blow away the cobwebs. I have been at base camp for five days now and even though it is great to be here there is a lot of…

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At Base Camp

This is just a quick hello from base camp - or rather Gorak Shep, the last village before base camp from where we can send data via mobile 3G technology. I had a good walk in and met a few people on the trail, which is always…

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Getting ready to head out

Another fortnight has gone and I have been rushing around Kathmandu trying to catch up with the teams I need to interview for Miss Elizabeth Hawley’s Himalayan Database. Kathmandu’s tourist district Thamel is noticeably filling up with trekkers and climbers, bars are getting busier and mobile phone…

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