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Rebuilding this country will take a long time

Another earthquake in Nepal and how to help

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I could√ā¬†not believe my eyes and ears when I found out√ā¬†that the earth trembled again in Nepal on Tuesday, 12th May. Rather√ā¬†than feeling helpless and bemused that for the second time, I was not in the country during the earthquake, I now appeal to you to support Nepal and help it rebuild itself. I know that only a few days ago, I urged you to√ā¬†rather give later, when Nepal is forgotten, however, Tuesday’s earthquake has√ā¬†significantly set back the relief efforts and money is needed now.

Rebuilding this country will take a long time
Rebuilding this country will take a long time

For those, who want to give and are looking for guidance, please find a list of trustworthy and efficient organisations, I would recommend to support (please also check out their Facebook pages).√ā¬†Many of the organisations listed below have been active in Nepal for a long time and are now concentrating on relief efforts for the earthquake victims:


The Last Resort Earthquake Fund -√ā¬†My dear friend and flatmate Sam Voolstra has run a resort called ‘The Last Resort’ in Nepal’s district of Sindhupalchowk for more than ten years. With Sindhupalchowk being one of the most affected districts in Nepal, her resort has seen a lot of damage and so have the villages and some of her staff around it. Have a look at her fundraising website and if you want to support the people, who helped set up this beautiful place, which provided many tourists with a lot of fun, peace, adrenaline rushes and adventures for many years, go for it

Education Restoration Nepal – In any sort of crisis, education suffers. And even though it is not emergency relief, it is the future of a country. My friend Wanda has launched this initiative, which I really trust.

Himalayan Climate – This is a√ā¬†young solution-oriented Nepali civil society organisation, which was founded√ā¬†by fourteen prominent Nepali citizens to build inclusiveness and climate resilience in Nepali society and economy. Dawa Steven Sherpa of Asian Trekking, who I respect very highly, is on the Board of Directors. To Follow HC on Facebook, click here.

Maya Greet Verbist – My friend Helen has connected me to Maya, who is doing an amazing job by spreading donation to different organisations – big or small. This way your money gets divided into various channels.

Himalayan Development Foundation – I have been an ambassador of the HDF, which is an Australian foundation that√ā¬†supports the basic developmental needs of the mountain communities in Nepal. HDF is now working with trusted organisations, such as PHASE Nepal to bring immediate relief to the people in need.

Nepal Relief – A bunch of mountaineers, including Edurne Pasaban and Willie and Damien Benegas, have joined forces to bring relief. To follow them on Facebook, click here.

Prisoners’ Assistance Nepal√ā¬†– I met Indira Ranamagar many years ago and have always been impressed by the work she is doing for women and children. To follow her on Facebook, click here.

Sunrise Children’s Association Inc (SCIA) -√ā¬†SCAI Nepal is run by Country Director Emma Taylor, who has been living in Nepal since early 2007 and who is a dear friend of mine. She is heavily involved in the earthquake relief and I trust her ability to really make a difference. To follow SCIA Nepal on Facebook, click here.

PHASE Nepal – As mentioned in my last blog, this organisation is working incredibly hard√ā¬†under difficult circumstances to get aid to our project communities and those in desperate need in surrounding areas. To follow PHASE on Facebook, click here.

Earthquake Relief in Helambu and Solukhumbu – New Zealand mountain guide Mal Haskins, who has climbed and trekked in Nepal for many years, is bringing relief to the Helambu and Solukhumbu regions. To follow them on Facebook, click here.

Just One – This is the great organisation working with street children some of you very kindly supported when I ran the marathon in Rome in 2014. To follow Declan’s work on Facebook, click here.

Sherpa Earthquake Relief – Like so many other parts of the country, the Khumbu has also been hit hard. For all of those who have been there and enjoyed the hospitality and strength of the Sherpas, this is a good organisation to give. To follow them on Facebook, click here.

Operation Relief Nepal√ā¬†– Civilians joining hands to assist the earthquake relief in Nepal.

Buzzfeed Nepal -√ā¬†With the government slow to act, hundreds of young professionals are taking it on themselves to build immediate shelters for those who have lost homes. To follow Buzzed on Facebook, click here.

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry – Earthquake Relief Fund to distribute relief items to the population in need.

We Help Nepal Network – A network supporting locally-led, peer-to-peer Nepal Earthquake relief efforts. To follow We Help Nepal Network on Facebook, click here.

Helen and Roland – Two wonderful friends of mine who have taken the initiative to get aid to people. For Roland on Facebook click here; for Helen, click here.

Doctors for Nepal -√ā¬†Doctors for Nepal provides full scholarships to underprivileged Nepalese students who pledge to work in rural Nepal for an agreed period of time once qualified as doctors. To follow Doctors for Nepal on Facebook, click here.

Andrea and Norbu – Another great couple from Switzerland and Nepal, who are providing relief items to the population in need. To follow Andrea and Norbu on Facebook, click here.

Here is an interesting summary by Ang Tshering Sherpa – father of Dawa Steven Sherpa and founder of Asian Trekking√ā¬†earthquake updates – everest region-2

I hope this will give you a good selection and I will add more over time. Please let us join hands and help Nepal.



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