Earthquake in Kathmandu

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This is just a brief note to say that I am fine and I was not in Kathmandu when the devastating earthquake hit Nepal. I have been able to contact some friends and as far as I know most of them are ok. My house is still standing but of course the rest of the country has been badly hit.

I am heading back to Nepal on a humanitarian mission for the Swiss Humanitarian Aid on Sunday, 26 April, and as I will not have time to update this website, please look at my tweets, which you can find on the right hand side of this page.

My heart goes out to Nepal and its people.

Thanks for your thoughts and positive energy.


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  1. rosemary Lynch

    Take care Billi. Love to Puru, Fani and Declan if you see them. I will never forget April 25 th either, as my own darling Mam passed away on that same day at 5.05am. RIP

  2. rosemary Lynch

    Stay safe Billi. Love to all those I know in Nepal. I will never forget April 25th as my darling Mam passed away at 5.05 am on that day.

  3. Beth Harker

    Dear Billi,
    I’ll add my condolences for the losses of both, people and property, to everyone involved worldwide. Take care and thank you for all of your hard work. Hugs!

  4. irene

    Liebes Bärbele, wir verfolgen den ganzen Tag die Nepalnachrichten.Wir wünschen Dir viel Kraft, deass Du alles derpackst, bleib gesund und iss was dickes Bussi von Mama Tante und Mausi

  5. Irene Bierling

    Liebes Bärbele, wir denken fest an Dich und wünschen Dir und Deinem Team viel Kraft ,damit Ihr die schlimmen Eindrücke verarbeiten könnt. Bleib gesund. ganz dickes Bussi von Mama,Tante Mausi und Ernst

  6. Wendy kiwi

    Wish I was with you – take care. Best Wendy.

  7. Anne parmenter

    Billi. Prayers are with all the people of Nepal. Be safe my friend. Let’s us know what is needed so we can help.

  8. Duska Chavez

    Billi, we will be praying for you and for the people of Nepal. I know you will be of great blessing to everybody and God will look after you. Love Duska.

  9. Alexandra Brody

    Checked your blog after I found out. So glad to hear you and Miss Hawley are safe. I also reached out to Rodo and was happy to hear he is safe as well. Thoughts and prayer to Nepal. 🙁

  10. Srabani

    Thank god Billie! I was so worried that you were on expedition or something…do you have any news of Lakpa or Jangbu Sherpa? I think Lakpa may have been heading to Everest?

  11. Ashley

    Swiss Humanitarian Aid is so lucky to have you on their team. The image of Mrs. Hawley sitting safely at the same table as in the 1960 quake is amazing. Wishing you well along with the people of Nepal and all the climbers! xox

  12. TINA

    Stay Safe!
    Glad to here that you are alright!!

  13. Corina

    Glad to know you are alright!!! Thinking of you and wishing you all the very best for the mission! Big hugs, corina

  14. Rama

    It is good to hear that you are fine, although the whole things hearts.

    wish you all the best at your mission.



  15. Onkel edi

    Pass auf dich auf!

  16. Stacey Winston

    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Nepal. Glad you are safe Billi B. Safe journey and good you are able to support on the earthquake humanitarian response.

  17. Stacey Winston

    Glad you are safe Billi B. Thoughts and prayers are with the people of Nepal. Safe journey and good you are going to support the humanitarian response.

  18. Sylvia

    Dear Billi, great to hear you and your friends are OK. Bless all the people in this stunning country. Help God. Amazing you’re going back to help. Thanx. OX

  19. Kate

    Thinking of you and hoping you and yours are well. Be safe. Love ❤

  20. Viv

    So relieved to know you’re OK, Billi. (And Miss Hawley) A tragedy for so many others though. Love Viv

  21. Bryony

    Hi Billi,

    In NZ really thinking of you and the people of Nepal. We have some understanding of how it must be. Love all of Us xxxx

  22. Fotini Rantsiou

    All the best Billi. I was looking you up since yesterday. Good to lnow you are safe.

  23. Karin

    Dear Billi, Very sorry to hear this news and hope your work goes well. Love, Karin

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