At Camp 2

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This is just another quick update to let you know that the Nuptse team has been at Camp 2 at 6,400m for the past three days to acclimatise and maybe make use of a weather window to attempt for the summit of this beautiful but humbling mountain.

our amazing Sherpa team as well as our guide Francois have started to fix the rope on the arĂȘte leading to the summit ridge, however, due to technical difficulties it is taking them quite some time. I am very grateful that our four Sherpas are doing this job for us as I would not stand a chance to get anywhere near the mountain without their amazing help.

We are intending to stay at Nuptse’s Camp tomorrow and will then see what the weather forecast says.

I am sure you have all heard about a dispute between three western mountaineers, including the two professional climbers Ueli Steck from Switzerland and Simone Moro from Italy, and a group of Sherpas. I have heard that the media went absolutely wild about it in Europe and in a way it is very sad that Everest is getting yet another bout of bad reputation.

I did an interview with Ueli Steck for, where he tells his version of the story and hopefully I will be able to speak to some of the Sherpas, who were involved, when I get back to base camp. But in the meantime be assured that progress on Everest and Lhotse is being made and that the expedition leaders and their Sherpa teams are still working well together!

Thanks for following my website and I am looking forward to sending more updates soon!

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  1. markus

    trotzdem alles sehr seltsam und bedenkenswert………
    pass auf dich auf

  2. Rosemary in Ireland

    Glad everything going well for you Billi. Ye the Sherpas story was all over the Irish papers.

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