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This is just a very quick message to thank all of you for all your lovely and encouraging messages, which mean a lot to me. And they have helped. I am feeling a lot better, my sats are up to 87 and my pulse is back down to 57.

I spoke to our doctor at base camp yesterday and she is happy to for me to come slowly back up as the rattling in my lungs has disappeared and I can actually walk from the table to the toilet without being completely exhausted and gasping for air.

Dropping down by 1,000m has done me a world of good and it has made me realise once more that the only cure against high altitude sickness is lower altitude – and not drugs. I have stopped the diamox and I also feel a lot better for it.

At this point, I would also like to congratulate my friend and ultrarunner Lizzy Hawker, who has just broken her own world record by running from Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu in 63 hours and 8 minutes, a race with her own during which she only slept about FOUR minutes. Well done Lizzy – it puts all our ambitions and plans to climb the 80000m peaks with heaps of support into perspective.

So, once again thank you all so much for your lovely messages – even though this high altitude sickness was brought on by my own stupidity, or maybe even arrogance, thinking that I could defy all rules of acclimatisation! Well, a lesson I have certainly learnt.

I should be out  of internet connection again for a while but will try and keep you posted as well as I can.

Thank you!


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  1. Iris

    Liebe Billi, schön dass es dir wieder gut geht!! 🙂

  2. KateWilde

    Great news! So happy your sats are higher than 50%!!! Lots of love from us down here in Tas, Kate and Stu

  3. Jill

    I thought if anybody could do it you could, Billi, but I guess you cannot fool Mother Nature after all. Take care. So glad you have recovered or are recovering!

  4. markus

    nah dann – wieder aufi aufn berg :):):)
    and watch your steps !!!!!

  5. Richard L

    Billi, so pleased to hear you are recovering well. Take care of yourself. PS Matthew and son had a great time with Himalayan Trails – lived up to all expectations!

  6. Nonna

    Please take it easy and take care!! Lots of love from all of us!

  7. Maggie

    That’s great news.

    ps. Super impressed by your friend Lizzy. Wow!!!

  8. Adele

    Yay, good news Billi, glad you are feeling better … onwards and upwards … slowly slowly… big hugs xxxx

  9. Marion

    Great news! xoxo

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