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Dear Friends

Please be advised that the Billi Bierling page on Facebook is NOT mine. And even though you can see a FB icon on the top of this site, I have never been on Facebook myself and I am not intending to join it either. Somebody, who must be very bored, has used my images, entries from my website and other information and created that site.

I have just sent an email to Facebook to report about this abuse, so I am hoping that this site will be deleted soon. In case you want to get in touch with me, please do not do it via the FB site as I will not get your messages (I would not even know how to log on to and navigate through Facebook).

Thanks for taking this notice. More soon……

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  2. pam

    Hi Billi….we just told FB about the fake FB-site…and hope that they will take it off asap.
    Have a nice day. Alles liebe Jim&Pam

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