Off to Manaslu

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Manaslu true summit
The true summit of Manaslu (photo: Rob Casserley)

This is just a quick note to let you know that I have arrived back in Nepal and am busy packing my bags, interviewing a few expeditions for Miss Hawley and just getting used to my very different life here again.

Monica, our expedition doctor, Lakchu, our amazing chef and I will take the bus to Arughat on Friday morning and will start walking to Samagoan, where we will meet the rest of our team, who will be flying there by helicopter on Sunday, 29 August.

I am really looking forward to the walk-in as I have heard a lot about this beautiful area, and the Manaslu Circuit is supposed to be one of the most amazing places in Nepal. I hope the weather will be on our side as it has been raining a lot lately and the monsoon is still in its full swing. We will probably be faced with a lot of cloud, muddy paths and of course leeches, who love the wet weather and come out as soon as the rains begin to fall

I will try and keep my website updated, however, as I will be writing the Himex Newsletter again, just click here for the latest news on Manaslu.

If you are interested in the weather we are facing on the mountain, you can click on the link on the left side of my website. I am not sure how accurate it is but it will certainly give you an indication of whether we will be basking in the sun or shuffling snow.

In the meantime, I hope that the floods in Pakistan will subside and the country will start recovering soon as it will be a long way to go.

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  4. Alessandra Bessler

    Hey girl!! Miss you in Isloo and CORE peeps keep asking how you are. Enjoy your adventure surrounded with the mountains you love and good friends. Will check in for updates….xox

  5. Dinesh

    Damn!! missed you again. Have fun on the mountain – think of us along the way. I will see you in Kathmandu if its the last thing I do. Long live Billi !!!

  6. Karin Kamp

    Have a great trip billi!

  7. Victoria

    Dear Billichka,

    Miss you so much. Wish you an easy and enjoyable climb. Let the ropes be strong, peopl—É most reliable and the weather be most favourable so that you will get the best of the views possible. Be safe and have fun!!! Looking forward to seeing you back in our small office!

  8. markus

    Billi, Billi,

    manchmal beneid ich dich schon a bisserl :):):)
    hab viel Freude da oben am Berg – and wtach your stebs

  9. Yves

    Good luck and big kisses !!!!!

  10. Steffi

    Billi, my thoughts will be with you and the team, I wish you the best of luck for climbing, good weather, safe travels and lots of fun! Please say hi to everyone and watch out those leeches!! Steffi

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