Great party in Kathmandu

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Once again I have to apologise for not having been able to update my website since I arrived back in Kathmandu on Friday afternoon. After we had been snowed in at base camp for a couple of days the whole team managed to leave our temporary home on 27th May. I had one laughing and one crying eye as it is always hard for me to leave the mountains, however, I was also looking forward to getting back to Kathmandu – and of course take up my work for Miss Hawley. We walked to Pangboche on the first day and I legged it down to Lukla on the second day in the hope to get a flight back to Kathmandu on Friday. And I did!

Anyway, as I had to interview many expeditions on my return to Kathmandu I only had time to dump my bag at home, have a shower and coffee and just get on my bike and chase the mountaineers before they get on a flight to go back home. However, when I finished interviewing expeditions last night I was supposed to meet my friend Sam at Sam’s Bar (NOT her bar) and when I got there I was surprised to see some flags hanging out of the window and I was wondering what holiday it was. When I entered the bar, however, I was greeted with a huge scream and a big crowd of people to congratulate me on my climb. It was very emotional and I was overwhelmed by the welcome I received and it is amazing how people react to Everest. I received so much love and admiration that I felt almost embarrassed and I would like to thank all my friends here in Kathmandu for their amazing reception and support.

I would also like to thank my friend Richard for updating my site and informing my friends and family about my progress on the mountain and I would once again like to thank everyone, who made it possible for me to get to the top of the world. It still has not sunk in and I guess it will take a few weeks until I finally notice that I actually did it. I will certainly use my keyboard and my website to digest the whole experience, however, it might take some time until I find the time to sit down and write about it.

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  1. Dipendra

    Received your love..hehe…

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