A wake-up call

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I have just arrived at Gorak Shep after having scaled Lobuje Peak this morning. It was the most beautiful morning and the conditions were perfect. I think it was the first time that I was not cold when I had to get out of my sleeping bag at 5am to climb a peak in the Himalaya.

I summited with Ellen at about 9am and the old Didis were the first ones to summit, together with Nima Sherpa and our Japanese guide Shenchin (sorry, if the spelling is wrong). Nima Sherpa together with another Nima Sherpa are amazing as they fixed the ropes on Lobuje Peak four days ago and then summited with two other teams. Even though I have been working with Sherpas for the past five years I am still amazed at their strength and committment.

I am the only one who is going back to Everest Base Camp today as everyone else is staying at Lobuje Base Camp. However, I think going to Lobuje Peak was a very good idea as I got the feeling that it was a bit of a wake-up call for many of our Everest aspirants. Many climbers from our team were very tired and also surprised how difficult climbing at high altitude was. The first two teams, who climbed Lobuje Peak yesterday and the day before yesterday, are back at Everest Base Camp and my team will be back there tomorrow morning. However, I guess that most of our team will be back at Gorak Shep tomorrow as this will be the day when the highest cricket game will take place here.

I shall write more in the next few days as I would like to tell you more about life behind the scenes at Everest Base camp.

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  1. karin k

    How many team are in your team and what countries are they from?

    1. billibierling

      Hi Gelee

      Hmm…difficult question….I guess we are from about ten countries…at least…it is an interesting mix of people though but unfortunately only three women to climb Everest!

  2. Bethan

    hey Bierli, still here, following you via your posts…thinking of you on top of the world…looking forward to more, and sending some more big hugs your way! xx

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