Hello from Gorak Shep

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This is just a quick message from Gorak Shep, which is the last village on the Everest Base Camp trail before you get to the actual base camp. A third of my team is on their way to Lobuje base camp to acclimatise on Lobuje Peak and Alex and I walked down to Gorak Shep to do a bit of “internetverk”. It is quite amazing given that we are at 5,180m here and we have good internet access. As I said before, we have internet at our little moon hotel, however, it is mainly occupied by my other team members and given that we have to pay 5 Euro per minute makes its use less appealing.


I will quickly walk up Kala Pattar to get my acclimatisation right and then walk back up to base camp. Alex and I are planning on going to the “real” base camp tomorrow to take some more pictures and do some more interviews for our “Everest changes people” book. I will then be off to Lobuje Peak and I should be back at base camp around 22nd April. I will also try to be back in Gorak Shep on 20th April as England and Australia are planning on playing the highest game of cricket there on that day. You will hear from me again soon.


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  1. Bryony

    Hi Liebchen – from the South side of the world. You paint a beautiful picture of where you are – we are all thinking of you, Take Care

  2. claudia

    Hallo Billi,

    verfolgen Deine Updates mit Eifer! Waren letzthin in Muenchen und mussten wo warten und haben die Zeitung gelesen, und siehe da, Du bist im Muenchener Merkur, Seite 10! Patenkirchenerin steigt auf Everest! Haben gleich 2 Exemplare gekauft, eins fuer uns und eins fuer Team Milo. Pass auf Dich auf, alles Gute und Liebe und wir denken an Dich! C and C

  3. Nonna

    Hi hons,
    good to get all your news, seems it’s all going very well in your 5-star existence. I left KTM on Friday and am in Madrid now. Mickey is having frustrating time with the Spanish Consulate in Delhi, but should be joining me in a few days. Never a dull day! Glad u liked the box… just wanted to say that fair few of my notes were written after a few glasses of wine… I think there are some in German too and you know how great my German is… not! So enjoy, hope they make you laugh rather than cry. Lots of love & big hug from Nonna

  4. Corey

    Hey Billi,

    Just wanted to say hi and that I am really enjoying the updates. Take care of yourself up there!


  5. Tina Rai

    Way to go Billi. Sending you my warmest best wishes all the way from Chiang Mai, (plain of just 306m). Will be checking all your udpates. Take care and lotsa love

  6. Dave Bottoms

    I couldn’t keep up with you on your slow climb of Kala Pattar last October, Would hate to try a Billi quick ascent !
    Take care and enjoy yourself

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