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A beautiful winter's day in Garmisch in January.

Himalaya spring season kicking off

The time of year has come and mountaineers, Everest aspirants, trekkers, clients√ā¬†as well as expedition leaders, mountain guides and Sherpas are getting ready to hit the big hills of Nepal and Tibet for the spring season. I have seen that some of them have already descended on…

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Gerlinde's book in English

Mountains in my heart

Dear all After just having been to Iran with my friend Gerlinde, I remembered that I never informed you about the English translation I did√ā¬†for the√ā¬†book she wrote together with Karin Steinbach√ā¬†called "Mountains in my heart". I spent the best part of 2013 working on the book…

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Experiencing the desert with great friends

Thank you Iran

Sadly, our√ā¬†time in Iran is coming to an end and the kindness and generosity of the people is certainly reflected in the size and weight of our bags. "I think we have just packed around 30kg of presents," Gerlinde said lifting her heavy bag off the scales.…

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Great atmosphere during an amazing event

Incredible Iran

"Your presentations have changed our lives," Ms Laleh√ā¬†told√ā¬†Gerlinde and me after having done our slide shows at the√ā¬†Koohbanoo exhibition in Iran. "It has been√ā¬†such a pleasure to have you here and we are all very happy," she continued. But the pleasure is√ā¬†ours and both Gerlinde and I√ā¬†are√ā¬†very…

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