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Helpers putting together water purification kits to distribute to the villages (Helen Clemet)

Earthquake in Nepal – Update

More than two weeks ago I received an sms from my friend Monica, who was on the North side of Everest, saying: "Billi, the earth is shaking and I have a feeling that it is really bad in Nepal." I immediately went on the net and information…

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One of the teams going to Everest South

Rainy spring season

It is 18th of April. Exactly one year ago today, I walked into Everest Base Camp already knowing√ā¬†that a huge avalanche had come down the West Shoulder of Everest killing√ā¬†more than a dozen Sherpas. I remember seeing the heli√ā¬†flying up and down the Khumbu Icefall retrieving the…

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Read more about the article Kathmandu Full Moon Stupa Race
Joshua from the UK and a random Nepali girl at Boudhnath

Kathmandu Full Moon Stupa Race

I have just come back from a fantastic 52km race connecting Kathmandu's two most important stupas (Buddhist monuments) via 'the long way'. Richard Bull, the race organiser and founder√ā¬†of Trail Running Nepal,√ā¬†thought it would be a good idea to take a huge detour and run from Swayambhunath,…

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Read more about the article Himalaya spring season kicking off
A beautiful winter's day in Garmisch in January.

Himalaya spring season kicking off

The time of year has come and mountaineers, Everest aspirants, trekkers, clients√ā¬†as well as expedition leaders, mountain guides and Sherpas are getting ready to hit the big hills of Nepal and Tibet for the spring season. I have seen that some of them have already descended on…

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Read more about the article Mountains in my heart
Gerlinde's book in English

Mountains in my heart

Dear all After just having been to Iran with my friend Gerlinde, I remembered that I never informed you about the English translation I did√ā¬†for the√ā¬†book she wrote together with Karin Steinbach√ā¬†called "Mountains in my heart". I spent the best part of 2013 working on the book…

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Experiencing the desert with great friends

Thank you Iran

Sadly, our√ā¬†time in Iran is coming to an end and the kindness and generosity of the people is certainly reflected in the size and weight of our bags. "I think we have just packed around 30kg of presents," Gerlinde said lifting her heavy bag off the scales.…

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Read more about the article Incredible Iran
Great atmosphere during an amazing event

Incredible Iran

"Your presentations have changed our lives," Ms Laleh√ā¬†told√ā¬†Gerlinde and me after having done our slide shows at the√ā¬†Koohbanoo exhibition in Iran. "It has been√ā¬†such a pleasure to have you here and we are all very happy," she continued. But the pleasure is√ā¬†ours and both Gerlinde and I√ā¬†are√ā¬†very…

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Read more about the article Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
The Garmisch-P. mountains in the mist before the snow came on Christmas Day

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I seem to have written√ā¬†the word 'apologies' rather often lately but I have just noticed that I have not posted anything since I first got to Islamabad in early October this year. So there you go - apologies for being so quiet√ā¬†but then again I usually refrain…

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Read more about the article Early morning runs in Islamabad
6.30am on my run through Jinnah Park in the middle of Islamabad

Early morning runs in Islamabad

It may sound strange to someone, who has never been to Pakistan, but it feels√ā¬†great to be back in Islamabad, where I have lived on and off previously. And even though I have only been back for less than one week, I already feel well-ensconced in my…

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Read more about the article Shishapangma update 22nd September
Suzanne, Billi und Christof im Eisbruch

Shishapangma update 22nd September

Back at ABC For a more detailed report in German, please visit√ā¬† three windy nights on the mountain, we are back at the comfortable altitude of 5,700m at our ABC, which feels great. I don√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘt know why some people claim that Shisha Pangma is the easiest 8,000m-peak…

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Stuck in Tingri

We are actually supposed to be at Shisha Pangma BC already but Sergey's gear did not arrive yesterday as scheduled. I guess this is the beauty about travelling in these countries as nothing ever goes to plan and improvising is required. Well i I guess it's also…

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Read more about the article Tibet is calling
Not only humans worship Boudha Stupa.

Tibet is calling

After only 10 days back in Kathmandu I am in the process of packing again for Shisha Pangma - the 14th highest peak in the world, which is entirely situated in Tibet. It reaches out to 8,027 metres above sea-level and is the smallest of the 8,000m-peaks.…

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Many Syrian women, who have lost their husbands or their sons are grateful to Abou Hassan and Nofa (Samer Rawadi)

Different worlds

I have been wanting to update my site for a long time, however, work and travels have prevented me from doing so and now I am already back in Kathmandu helping Miss Elizabeth Hawley and getting ready for my next adventure, which will be Shisha Pangma (8,027m)…

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Read more about the article A huge ‘Thank You’ from Just-One
The Just-One kids shouting a big Thank You out to you

A huge ‘Thank You’ from Just-One

I have just paid a visit to Just-One, the organisation you so kindly supported through my Rome marathon, and the kids there all shouted a very big 'THANK YOU' for your help. Declan and I did the accounts and we came up with a total of 695,000…

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20th May update

All good here...getting warmer and less windy by the day and we are looking at going to the summit around 25 or 26 May...meaning that we will leave ABC either on 21 or 22nd May. I am well, eating well, feeling strong apart from the lack of…

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