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Sticking my head into the Sibelius monument in Helsinki.

Summer in Germany – Post-Monsoon in Kathmandu

I was just about to write that the monsoon in Kathmandu was on its final leg, when I noticed that my last entry was about the looming monsoon! Maybe I should just stop writing about the weather and find more interesting stories to tell. A few days…

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Suze and I are obviously up to something while Miss Hawley is posing

Monsoon is looming

I have been back in Kathmandu for just over two weeks and life in the mountains seems far away. The change from tranquillity and clean air of the Everest region to the dust and hustle and bustle in the Nepali capital sometimes seems too quick – especially…

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At Camp 2

This is just another quick update to let you know that the Nuptse team has been at Camp 2 at 6,400m for the past three days to acclimatise and maybe make use of a weather window to attempt for the summit of this beautiful but humbling mountain.…

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This is just a quick update from Gorak Shep, where I have just dropped down from Base Camp to do some emailing. I have completely recovered and I am now back at the Himex camp waiting for the route to Nuptse to be opened. Life has been…

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Thank you

This is just a very quick message to thank all of you for all your lovely and encouraging messages, which mean a lot to me. And they have helped. I am feeling a lot better, my sats are up to 87 and my pulse is back down…

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An amazing man - Yuichiro Miura on his way to becoming the oldest person to climb Everest.

Getting ready for the mountains

It's Easter and even though there are no Easter bunnies or eggs in Kathmandu, I feel like I am on an Easter egg hunt trying to catch the dozens of expeditions going to the various peaks this spring. You have guessed right - I am back in…

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Read more about the article The new season is starting
Chrissie and I doing one of her legendary jumps just before the Engadin ski marathon

The new season is starting

Apologies to everyone for not updating my website for almost three months but it has been a busy time working and playing in Switzerland. However, I have just noticed that I am about to go back to Nepal to take up my work for Miss Elizabeth Hawley…

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The four Golden Girls of the Islamabad race

One of the hardest runs in my life

Against most people’s imaginations and expectations, life in Islamabad can actually be quite an active one – you just have to look out for all the different opportunities. There are the Margalla Hills that offer great hikes or runs, numerous gyms, yoga and Pilates classes, plenty of…

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Read more about the article Islamabad, Istanbul and Important Hot-Water-Bottles
Running over the Bosphorus Bridge from Asia to Europe

Islamabad, Istanbul and Important Hot-Water-Bottles

I am sitting here drenched in sweat even though our little house in Islamabad is rather cold at the moment. Winter has started and the temperatures have dropped significantly and in spite of being warm outside in the sun, it requires a shawl, a hat and a…

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Evening atmosphere at the Makalu La at 7,400m

Between two worlds

Finally, my mind has arrived where my body has been for the past five days – in the heat and dust of Kathmandu, where roadworks are still ongoing and even getting on a bike through the traffic has become almost impossible. However, it has been great to…

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Shops are being torn away - but business is ongoing

Off to Makalu

After having spent a week in Kathmandu it is time to leave again. It has been great to see friends and be back in the city for a few days, however, the current road widening campaign that is going on all over the city makes getting around…

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Read more about the article Edging Closer towards a New Adventure
Makalu seen from the top of the fourth highest peak in the world - Lhotse

Edging Closer towards a New Adventure

After having come back from Kilimanjaro and the Safari that goes with it, I all of a sudden noticed that it was only 10 more days until I will leave for my next adventure and go to Makalu, the fifth highest peak in the world. The Tanzania…

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On the Road Again

After having spent six beautiful weeks in Europe I am on the road again – first to Tanzania, then back to Nepal and later in the year to Pakistan for work . Europe was beautiful and I really enjoyed Bavaria, my friends’ and family’s company, the peace…

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Ueli in Pheriche (courtesy of himself)

Billi interviews Ueli Steck

Hello, this is Billi's robot in Kathmandu posting on Billi's behalf. Billi is very busy chasing men around Everest Base Camp asking them questions, including the guy in the red jacket above. You can listen to the short interview here on World Radio Switzerland.

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The end is nigh

After having spent five months working for the Swiss Humanitarian Aid in Berne, time has come to say goodbye to Europe and head back to my other life in Nepal.   I have had a very interesting and fulfilling five months in the Western world and like…

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Thank you

This is just a very quick note to say Thank You to everyone who came to my Manaslu presentation and who supported the solar light project in the region. More than 100 people attended the event, which was hosted by Sport Conrad in Garmisch-Part., and it was…

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