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Building an operating table at Broad Peak bace camp

Broad Peak: Waiting game

It seems as if I have written similar entries in previous blogs but I guess we forget very quickly what mental challenge climbing an 8000m peak is. But let me start from scratch. On Monday morning several avalanches came down below camp 1 on Broad Peak. Unfortunately…

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Suzanne, Billi und Christof im Eisbruch

Shishapangma update 22nd September

Back at ABC For a more detailed report in German, please visit three windy nights on the mountain, we are back at the comfortable altitude of 5,700m at our ABC, which feels great. I don’t know why some people claim that Shisha Pangma is the easiest 8,000m-peak…

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20th May update

All good here...getting warmer and less windy by the day and we are looking at going to the summit around 25 or 26 May...meaning that we will leave ABC either on 21 or 22nd May. I am well, eating well, feeling strong apart from the lack of…

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Ama Dablam update October 30, 2013 at 11:31AM – The most expensive sanitary towels in the world

If you get queasy when it comes to women's issue, then stop reading right here. However, if you are interested in a funny story involving sanitary towels, keep on reading. When Katharina, Shinji, Greg and I walked to Gorak Shep and then Kala Pattar a few days…

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The easy way up

This is just a quick update to let you know that I left the smog and heat of Kathmandu behind and have arrived in the Everest region. I have had an unusually fast trip as I got the chance to take a helicopter to Phortse, which lies…

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Robot update

Robot here. Received a small text from Billi yesterday. It mentioned that she is safe and well and hoping to be up the around 29 September (i.e. today). She says also that she is feeling good but slow, as always.  More updates as I receive them!

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Expedition cancelled

Most of you might have heard already that Russell Brice has cancelled all his Himalayan expeditions for this season. The reason is the particularly dangerous route through the icefall this year as well as the rockfall on the Lhotse Face. You will find the reasons for this…

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