Happy Holiday Season

Dear all

I guess it is just in time to wish you all a very happy holiday season, wherever you are in the world. And no matter whether you are using the Roman calendar or not, I hope that the year 2016 will be a good, healthy and happy one for you.


Above the clouds in Bavaria
Above the clouds in Bavaria

My apologies also for not having updated my site for a while. After having come back from Broad Peak, I spent some time in Kathmandu to help Miss Elizabeth Hawley with collecting the data for the Himalayan Database before I went to Germany to be on the judging panel of the International Mountain Film Festival in Tegernsee, which was fun. I saw some amazing movies (for more info on the winning films, click here) and met some great people.

Since November 2015 I have been working for Swiss Humanitarian Aid at the headquarters in Bern, which has been interesting. I spent a week in Slovenia as Switzerland is supporting the Slovenian government in coping with the huge influx of refugees, who move through the country. In November there were about 8,000 people entering and leaving Slovenia every single day. If you are interested in a story I wrote, please click here.

Currently I have no major climbing plans for 2016, however, I will certainly be back in Nepal in time for the spring climbing season to gather information for Miss Hawley.

Happy Holidays and thanks for checking in every once in a while.