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A few days of rest

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It has been exactly 21 days since we left Sbroad peak basecamp locationkardu and we have actually achieved quite a lot. Sergey, Rene, Simba and I have spent 3 nights on broad peak. The first night we were at the tiny site of Camp 1 at 5,300m and the following two nights at Camp 2 at 6,120m. It has been quite interesting climbing a big hill in the summer as the temperatures are much milder and hardly get below zero – even above 6,000m. However, it could also have to do with the heat wave that is currently spreading through large parts of Asia – and even Europe as I hear.

I am now back at K2 base camp to rest for a few days before I go back up the hill and stay one or two nights at Camp 3, which will probably be between 7,000 and 7,300m to acclimatise and weather permitting I am hoping to attempt for the summit at the end of July.

billi bierling photo of k2

So far I have been feeling good and strong with only the heat being a bit debilitating. Over the past few days many expeditions have arrived at both K2 and Broad Peak and I had the pleasure to meet some old friends, such as Ivan Vallejo from Ecuador or Tunc Findik from Turkey. I guess this is what I love about my job with Miss Elizabeth Hawley – I know so many people and it is always good to bump into them.

I will try and send another update once I come back from camp 3 but in the meantime you can always

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  1. Mohammad

    Dear Billi
    Hope you a safe ascent.
    Take care and seize the day.

  2. Robby Meyding

    Grias di Billy, I wish you`reach the summit of Broad Peak and valley below later. If you find some nice stones on your way down, pick´em up and bring them home,if they`re not to big and heavy. Gutes Wetter und viel Spass. Robby.

  3. Parvaneh

    Wish you the best weather, take care dear.

  4. markus

    Ohmann Billi, wie großartig!!! Have so much fun and be careful!!!!!!
    Liebe grüsse markus

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