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A beautiful winter's day in Garmisch in January.

Himalaya spring season kicking off

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The time of year has come and mountaineers, Everest aspirants, trekkers, clients√ā¬†as well as expedition leaders, mountain guides and Sherpas are getting ready to hit the big hills of Nepal and Tibet for the spring season. I have seen that some of them have already descended on Kathmandu – after the Turkish Airline plane was finally removed from the runway at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport – and it is about time I packed my bags and rushed to the Nepali capital to meet teams before they head to the mountains.

A beautiful winter's day in Garmisch in January.
A beautiful winter’s day in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in January

After having spent four months in Europe dashing back and forth from Bern to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to visit my mother almost every weekend,√ā¬†I now√ā¬†feel that√ā¬†I can leave and go back to my life in Nepal and help Miss Hawley and Jeevan in our work for the Himalayan Database. My mum has been a real trouper√ā¬†and after five months of intensive care units, hospital wards and rehabilitation she is finally back home and I am truly impressed by how well she can look after herself.

As far as expeditions are concerned, I need to get my head around who is coming and who is not. However, in order to get a clearer picture I need√ā¬†to get back to√ā¬†Kathmandu, talk to Miss Hawley and contact all the trekking agencies to find out what is happening this season.

As soon as I have settled back in again I will send another update to keep you posted on ‘who is where’√ā¬†in the Himalaya this√ā¬†spring.

Until then – watch the space.

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  1. Irene Kotula

    Hi, Billi, envying you going back to Nepal! Are you going to base camp with Russell? Dorji is planning on going to Tibet with Adrian and climbing a bit without a client. Hope your mom is doing well! Have a new email so thought I better sign up for your blog again as I enjoy it so much.

  2. TINA

    Take care! Und gr√ɬľ√ÉŇł mir die Berge!

  3. markus

    Hi Billy, hab viel Freude in unserem wunderschönen traumland
    liebe gr√ɬľsse markus

  4. astrid

    hi billi…..und wohin wird es dich in dieser saison ziehen ? sei lieb gegr√ɬľ√ÉŇłt, astrid

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