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Impressions from Iran

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Here are just a few impressions from our wonderful trip to Iran. They should just show the diversity and cultural richness of this country and its people and give you an idea of what we were allowed to experience. No more words needed…

Imam Mosque in Ishfahan
Old Bazaar in Ishfahan


Sunlit tail of a peacock on the ceiling in Isfahan
Posing in front of the Ishfahan mosques
Even though it’s the smallest desert, the Maranjab seems vast
Interior of the Imam Mosque in Ishfahan


A lone bicycle in Ishfahan
Planking in the Maranjab Desert
Gerlinde, Pary and I enjoying the sun and the sand
Gerlinde gazing into the sunset
Khaju Bridge in Ishfahan
Trying to make a western toilet out of a hygienic eastern toilet
Gerlinde and I during a trip towards Damavand – the highest mountain in Iran
Gerlinde and I near Damavand
Teaching a CORE class for 60 women – and they loved it
Happy in the Maranjab Desert
Climbing Tochal
Plenty of fruit and nuts in Iran
A cultural trip to the ancient museum in Tehran
Pary and I on our way up to Tochal

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  1. Emily Kelting

    Thanks for taking us again on another fabulous adventure in a part of the world that we don’t know too much about (except in terms of war and politics). Your photos are wonderful! Whether you are climbing mountains, sliding down sand dunes, exploring local markets, or teaching core strengthening to a group of eager women–your love of life and adventure always comes through.

  2. siamak

    I am very happy for your happy stay in iran. I hope. See you here. Again.

  3. DZ

    Du bist die Beste!

  4. rosemary Lynch

    What great photo’s Billi. You got to see and do so much in such a short time. I’m sure both you and Gerlinde were an inspiration to all the women you met in Iran

  5. rosemary Lynch

    What great photo’s Billi. You got to do so much in such a short time. I’m sure both you and Gerlinde were an inspiration to all the women you met there.

  6. viv

    What an amazing experience! Photos are great and say it all. You are amazing! Fondest love Viv

  7. Arman

    My great dear Billi, however you came to Iran during the Political Tsunami has surrounded Iran since about 30 years ago, but I think you can see with your especial intelligent the ancient soul of the people in this area of the world…
    Specifically Women in Iran are trying to approach to their rights and ascend to their competency’s summits. From now on I feel you are one of them and Iran has added to your nationality. Khosh Amadid (Welcome in Persian) in your country and your sisters share you on their dreams…

    1. Aziz Habibi

      Arman, what is the meaning of “…the political Tsunami has surrounded Iran…. ancient soul….women….rights…”? Can you understand the meaning of these terms, these concepts? Where is your ancient soul? Truly, where is your ancient soul?
      This is mountaineering website, no floor of street or a platform of motto.
      My great dear Arma!! Please find out your ancient soul.

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