Stuck in Tingri

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We are actually supposed to be at Shisha Pangma BC already but Sergey’s gear did not arrive yesterday as scheduled. I guess this is the beauty about travelling in these countries as nothing ever goes to plan and improvising is required.


Well i I guess it’s also a blessing in disguise as this extra night has given us another night at 4,400 metres, which is definitely better than the 5,000 metres Shisha Pangma BC lies at.

WE are hoping to be able to leave here at noon on Sunday and carry on to BC. The other six people of our group are moving to ABC today, which means we will have to wait for another day to join them.

However, it’s been good t hang out in Tingri and meet some old friends, who are mainly going to Cho Oyu, which lies right on the border between Tibet and Nepal and is the sixth highest peak in the world. And it’s been good to check that the mad and barking dogs are still lingering around the dusty streets of Tingri.

I hope that I will be able to send the next  update from Sisha Pangma ABC.




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  1. Jan von der Pferdemetzgerei

    Billi-Babe, wünsche viel Glück bei dieser Tour! Bis bald vor der Pferdemetzgerei DZ 😉

  2. Wanda

    Hey there…Tingri was and still is one of the most unpleasant towns I have ever had the misfortune to stay in. I splashed out here for a nice hotel room when I was there in May…totally worth it. Hope you had a nice place to hang out and get acclimated. Bon chance!

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