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Billi in a tent

Makalu update October 05 – Trying again

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This is just a very brief update to let you know that we are attempting to reach the summit again on Monday, 8th October.

Billi in a tent

I personally don’t think that I’ll stand a big chance to set foot on the smallest 8.000 er summit in the world as the winds are just too high and I get cold easily. However, as I am just not a quitter I have to give it another chance and see. Walking away from a mountain is very difficult, especially when you have been on expedition for almost six weeks and have your heart set on the hill.

Makalu is not just another mountain for me. I first saw it close-up when I trekked through the Arun Valley to Makalu base camp 11 years ago. I remember being in awe of this beautiful mountain but I never thought that I would ever get near the summit. Now I have been very near…. well, relatively near and knowing that I am so well acclimatised makes leaving even harder.

And that’s why I will go up again and give it my best shot and if my best is not good enough in these conditions I will be humble and come back.

Thanks once again for all your support and lovely text messages. It’s wonderful to know that people back home or far away think about me even though all I do is indulge in what I love doing – being out and about, sleeping in my tent and climb a mountain!

More later – now I have to head back up the hill!

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  1. Declan

    May those strong winds become nothing no more a gentle breeze to help you to the summit and safely down again . Stay safe, mero sati, and smile often. I look forward to seeing you when we’re both back in de ‘du. :), d.

  2. mama

    Liebes Bärbele, wir denken fest an Dich und wenn der Wind zuuu stark ist, dann kehr um (das würde auch der Papa sagen) Bussi Mama

  3. Susan

    Dearest Billi, praying the winds calm down so that you can make your dream come true. Be careful and be smart. Sending you lots of love and energy. Lots of love from Dublin.

  4. Ashley

    Winds, winds, go away! Come again another day! — Good luck, Billi! Thinking of you. xo

  5. Beth

    I’m with Ellen–sending lots of good energy and crossing my fingers that the winds calm down. Best of luck and stay safe!

  6. Ellen

    Sending you good energy buddy! Climb smart and stay safe please….I am hoping the winds calm down for you!

  7. Iris Hadbawnik

    Liebe Billi, ich wünsche dir alles Gute für den Gipfel!!

  8. Mausi

    Ich denk ganz fest an Dich und drücke beide Daumen und freu mich riesig wenn wir uns bald wiedersehen.

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