Outing to Kala Patar

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Greetings from my little acclimatisation hike with my friend and mountain mentor Ellen from Vale!The rest of the Lhotse group is still on their way down from the 5,455m peak and Ellen and I are happy to be sitting in the lodge as it is snowing hard outside now! 

Just heard that Osama bin Laden was killed outside Islamabad, which makes me worry about my friends there!

Just a little note from Everest Base Camp and I am thinking about you lots!!

We will be off to acclimatise on Lobuje East on 5 May but I’ll definitely send one more update till then!



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  3. Beth

    I second Rosemary’s sentiment about you being out of Pakistan. Glad you’re at EBC and doing what you love. Here’s wishing you all of the luck in the world on your Lhotse climb! I’m following you here and on your HimEx blog. Thank you for all of your posts and for taking the time to show us a little of your side of the world.
    A big hug and stay safe!

  4. Rosemary

    Glad you are in Nepal and out of Pakistan. What will happen next is a big worry. Think you are safe enough on the side of a mountain, you have to worry about the rest of us now. I have a friend heading for The Everest Base camp in a few weeks, in fact she is my hairdresser. I will pass on your weather updates to her. Take care. (:-)

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