On the way to base camp

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I’m on my third day in the Everest region and I reached Russell’s Lobuche camp at 4,900m on Wednesday morning. I’m feeling good despite the fact that I steamed up the khumbu in less than three days.

I met a few friends on the way and arriving here was a nice reunion with guides, Manaslu and Everest climbers and of course my good friends Monica and Ellen!

The team left to climb Lobuche East this morning and they will spend two nights up there for acclimatisation. The rest of my Lhotse team should have arrived in lukla by now but will not be expected at Everest base camp before the end of the month. This will give me time to catch up with people at base camp, find some missed expeditions for Miss Hawley and enjoy time in the legendary White Pod writing the newsletter. As 3G mobile phone service is working up there I shall be able to send brief updates from my phone.

Until then, here is a picture of Ellen, Monica and Ellens client Gerlinde basking in the sun at Lobuche camp.


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