Just about to go to Lobuje Peak

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I have just got back from Lobuje base camp, where part of our team is waiting to tackle the mountain and the other half is currently camping on the summit to acclimatise. I will be going up in a couple of days and I am very much looking forward to it.

CORE exercise classes in the Everest region

It has been great to hang out at Lobuje base camp with the crew and I even managed to give a CORE exercise class with the backdrop of Pumori, Pokalde and of course Lobuje East. My two ‘takers’ enjoyed it very much and I guess we will be doing some more once we get back to base camp. On a different note, CNN did an interview with me about trekking in Nepal, so if you are interested in reading it, have a look here.

I will be in touch again soon!

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  1. Karin Kamp

    There you are girl. Was wondering. Good to hear you’re having a good time (as always). I wish I were there doing CORE with you.

  2. Beth

    Your lil’ secret is hilarious! Loved that you called it “christening”. LOL! I thought you might share that you learned to pee in a bottle while on Everest. (Also funny, but not nearly as risque.) Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone capable of “dropping trou” and squatting in crampons at the top of the world!!! You go, girlfriend!

  3. Claudia

    love your ‘secret”!!!!

  4. markus

    immer wieder wundervoll :):):)

  5. mama

    hab dein interview mit CNN gelesen, bin froh dass du wieder unten bist, bussi mama

  6. mama

    habe CNN interview gelesen super!!! Bussi mama

  7. Radisson

    HI U – MISS YOU love your notes… amazing how quickly the time seems to go here in London – as i know it doesnt pass as fast there. xx

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