Every expedition needs good coffee

Now, here is a thought on coffee on expeditions. It has always boggled my mind why most expeditions still use instant coffee, when good coffee is available in Nepal. I guess the problem is, or rather was, the availability of good coffeemakers in Kathmandu – but that has changed now.

Picture of a coffee pot / espresso pot /

A very good friend of mine, Richard Bull, has just closed the coffee pot gap on the Nepali market by importing these fine coffeemakers from China and selling them all over Kathmandu. So, if you are going on an expedition or a trek and want to have good coffee but have forgotten your coffeemaker at home, just get yourself one of these pots and some ‘Jonny Ghurka‘ coffee (recommended by Richard). And bear in mind that a good cup of coffee in the morning does not only help you start the day, it also increases your physical performance. Studies have shown that caffeine ingestion prior to exercising extends endurance in moderately strenuous aerobic activity, which is great for trekking!

For more information on where you can find these coffeemakers, click here.

Enjoy your