Happy New Year and Apologies

This is just a quick note to say happy New Year to everyone and to apologise for the malfunctioning of my website. I guess it also needed a rest over the Christmas period but it is back up and running and waiting to be filled with more interesting news.

I guess it was probably a good thing that is was not working as I did not have anything of significance to report over Christmas and New Year. I went to Bavaria and spent a quiet time with my family and recovered from the uncertain lifestyle in Islamabad.

A new challenge - Manaslu, at 8,156m the 8th highest mountain in the world (Ralf Dujmovits)
A new challenge - Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world (Ralf Dujmovits)

Furthermore, I have also decided to climb Manaslu, which at 8,156 metres, is the eighth highest mountain in the world and is situated in Nepal. The expedition will take place from the end of August till early October and I will attempting to climb it without supplementary oxygen. I will also be going with Russell Brice again.

But until then I hope I will have lots of other interesting news for you, so for the time being, bear with me and I am sure I will come up with some interesting stories from Pakistan.