Shadows of Everest

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Shadow of Everest (Valerio Massimo)
Shadow of Everest (Valerio Massimo)

Once again, I would like to apologise for having kept quiet for a few days but life in Kathmandu is still busy and I have not had enough time to sit down and reflect properly. There are still a few things about my Everest expedition I would like to share with you, however, I need time to sit down and write it. The issues I want to tell you are not necessarily about the actual climb, which I have already talked enough about, but about the interpersonal relationships on Everest, the politics and some stories behind the scenes.

I hope I will have time to update my site in the next few days but until then – watch the space!

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  1. Jill

    What you intend to write about is exactly what I am most interested in. I have read so many books on the physical aspects of the Everest experience that I feel almost like I have been to the top(I’ve actually been to basecamp), but, not enough has been written on the interpersonal dynamics. I could sense, and many alluded to the unrest among climbers when certain unpopular decisions were made, when the Himex group practiced on Lobuche (or maybe it was another peak) rather than risk the icefall, or when there were delays – those are the things that interest me most now. I think you should have a book’s worth in this year’s basecamp’s doings! Please give us a preview here, however. I love reading what you write. Thanks.

  2. Steffi

    Super, vielen Dank Billi!

  3. Gerrit and Geziena

    It is very important to take all the time to enjoy and reflect your getting on the top!!! Time for writing is still enough.

  4. Dave Bottoms

    Chill woman !
    You are allowed to rest and reflect

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