And safely returned…

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You’ll all be glad to know that Billi is now safely back in basecamp. Was great to see her this morning but I had to wait around 15 minutes as she kept on and on in front of the Discovery Channel camera. After its battery finally went flat, I got a chance to congratulate her and pass on some of your hugs.

Billi looks very well, if a bit skinny, and very, very happy. And how talkative!

You’ll all be glad to know that your next huge installment of wonderful stories will be delivered sometime tomorrow afternoon Nepal time.

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  1. Sarah

    Good job great 2 hear that you made it to the top i wish somday i could make it to the top of the world… great job!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beth

    Congrats, Billi! This is such awesome news. Way to go, girl!!! Time to exhale, reflect, and celebrate!!!

  3. Anna

    Well done Billi, it has been so exciting following your progress. Never doubted for a minute that you’d make it! xx

  4. Hazam

    Congratulations Billi! It is a great experience. Hope we will meet again.

  5. Gisela

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Billi! Gespannt habe ich Deine Berichte verfolgt. Das ist einfach großartig!!!

  6. Rosemary in Ireland

    Hi Rich tell Billi we are waiting for her news,tell her we can’t wait for the book. a chapter or two will be fine for now. Thanks for your updates.

  7. Dipendra

    So at last the BANANA LASSI really works,right billi???Love you and take care.

  8. caroline

    Was nice to have all these thrilling news about your climb posted on your blog (thanks for those who updated it). Can’t wait the time when I could hear about your adventure … you are a star Billi 🙂 -Love

  9. Twan

    Billi, great job! Congratz on your summit. I can’t wait to see the Discovery doc.

  10. Regina

    Chapeau, Billi und Gratulation !!!!!!!!! Gisela hatte mich informiert , und wir haben Daumen gedrückt. Alles Gute !!! Regina

  11. Laura

    well done Liebchen

    So pleased you back at BC in one piece – hope fingers and toes ok. Relax eat and cant wait to hear all about it X

  12. Sonja

    WOOOHOOO!!! Congratulations Billi, have bloody mary at Sams for me, look forward to hearing all about it some day. xxx

  13. Mahesh

    Thanks god you returned safely. Congratulation!!!!!!!!!

  14. Turid

    Congratulations Billi!! So glad to hear you are safely back from your big adventure. You are great! Wish we could share a coffee again soon. Take care!

  15. Rosemary in Ireland

    Billi. congrats. So glad it is all over and you are safe and well. Hope we get to meet again in July and hear first hand from you all about your amazing adventure. Would love to be in Sam’s when you arrive back in Kathmandu, the place will go ‘wild’ I am sure. Time to send up prayers of THANKS now, so I had better get started. LOTS OF LOVE XXX

  16. Bine und Leah

    GRATULATION – nochmal. Du hast es gepackt. Basecamp sicher erreicht klingt gut. Jetzt erst sind wir richtig beruhigt. Wir sind so stolz auf Dich. Kann es nicht erwarten Dich in Gap zu sehen. Denk fest an Dich – Bine und Leah

  17. Steffi

    You’ve climbed Everest!!! Congratulations! Gut gemacht!

  18. adele

    Well done Billi – you are fantastic!!! Can’t wait to hear about it

  19. Stu

    well done Billi – what an awesome effort! Must’ve been all that training on the Tassie hills!
    love from all at ‘The Compound’

  20. jeevan

    Hearty congatulations Billi….i hope u saw the mountain like u wanted to see.. bulk of things are waiting for you here … hurry up for a big hug.

  21. rosanna didi

    a beer for you the first time you come to visit me in italy (or i come to visit you in nepal 🙂 )

  22. bethan

    wwwoooooohooooo. Well done Bierli – never a doubt in my mind!! See you in europa to celebrate, eh?! xxxxxxxx YOU ARE A STAR

  23. wanda

    Billi gald you are back safely. Now sit down, relax and soak it all up (beer, champagne, Russian Vodka….whatever!) Well done girly.
    wanda didi

  24. Gráinne

    Welcome back down from the top of the world! Congratulations Billi… you’re amazing (if not slightly bonkers)!! Enjoy the celebrations 🙂

  25. karin k

    Note to Rich: You’re a sweetheart to keep updating this blog with such care.

  26. Craig

    Congratulations Billi… you did well. Now you get to see first hand if summiting Everest changes you, my guess is it already has- I look forward to that celebration drink… Craig

  27. claudia

    So great to hear you’re back and safe and haven’t lost the gift of the gab!! Can’t wait to see you, hugs & kisses, Claudia & Clive

  28. mama

    bärbele gottseidank bist durch den icefall durchgekommen, jetzt erst atme ich richtig auf,du teufelsweib,kanns immer noch nicht fassen, dass du da oben warst Bussiii

  29. Baba

    Hurray!!!!! big big hug from over here! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to hear all the stories, x baba

  30. andi

    yipppppieeeh! time to put champagne into the fridges (all over the world)

  31. Declan

    BILLI! Veni, Vidi, Vici! You made it! You did it! You’re safe! You’re back! You rock!! Congratulations!! No more icefall crossings and scary ladders, no more pee-bottles or poo bags and all that stuff. Now, quick sharp back to de ‘du before all the champagne’s gone….

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