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A view of our base camp, including the "Whitepod"On Tuesday, Russell and the guides decided that we will not yet go up to Camp 1 through the icefall but go back to Lobuje Peak for another acclimatisation trip. The plan is to go straight from Lobuje to the summit, sleep one night at the top at 6,119m and go straight back to Everest Base Camp the next day. I think some of our members were a little bit disappointed as they were looking forward to finally setting foot on the “Big E”, however, the fact that the icefall keeps on collapsing and that some of our members just need more practice makes this option probably the best one.

We have been divided into three groups again and I will be leaving for my second visit to Lobuje Peak on Thursday, 23rd April. I am feeling quite strong, however, I have been reprimanded by Russell and some of the guides that I need to slow down and preserve my energies for higher up on the mountain. Well, what’s new? I guess my high energy level is something that has been with me all my life and the fact that I am here at Everest Base Camp has not stopped me from being energetic. I guess what Russell and the guides are a bit worried about is that I might run out of steam higher up on the mountain but they don’t know that I don’t only have a high energy level but also a lot of stamina. However, I will listen to their advice and just sit in camp when we are not moving and eat and rest, which of course is very difficult for me but if it is good for the summit, I will do it!

Other than that there is not much news in our camp. It is yet another beautiful day and some of our Sherpas went through the icefall this morning and ascended to Camp 2. The icefall was active again last night and I heard a few avalanches come down but thankfully nobody was hurt. The temperatures are still high and I am currently gazing at a cloudless sky. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we are actually about to climb the highest mountain in the world, and every once in a while I have to pinch myself to remind me that I am not on a beach holiday!

Our Sherpas and kitchen staff are working away every day and it does not seize to amaze me with which enthusiasm and joy they go about their work. Whilst the clients are busy sitting around acclimatising, the kitchen staff is busy preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner and they seem to be constantly washing up as there are a lot of dishes for 60 people! And sometimes there are more diners as we occasionally have guests from other camps, which is nice and brings a bit of fresh air to our camp.

Slowly but surely it is also becoming clear who is strong and accomplished, and who is not. Over the past few days Russell has had chats with most of our climbers talking about their skills and abilities and I got the feeling that some of our team members were a bit disappointed with their “review”. Most of us have been here for about two weeks now and even though we have a very comfortable life at base camp, everyday life at the foot of Mount Everest is not always easy. People are starting to miss their families, get frustrated as they have not yet been high on the mountain and are suffering from minor colds and coughs. However, I have been trying to keep the morale up and remind people of the surrounding beauty we are camped in as it is easy to forget the stunning scenery around us.

Last but not least I would like to thank all my friends in Kathmandu for their lovely messages they put into my little “box of inspiration”. Every morning I read a few and I am very touched at how thoughtful and inspiring these messages are. Thank you so much for this – these messages mean a lot to me.

Anyway, this is probably the last update for a few days as I will be on Lobuje Peak until Saturday, but I will keep you posted on our progress once we actually get to touch the mountain.

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  1. andi

    vielen dank, pilli, dass du uns so hautnah teilhaben lässt – jetzt auch mit punte pilder. komme nicht mehr zu nix, wg. daumen drücken.

  2. Chris

    Have fun and know I am thinking of you and your journey everyday. Of course the have fun part I am sure you are doing, you are fun central. Climb Hard, Climb High, Come Home! Chris

  3. Agustina

    Dear Billiji! I read your comments and makes me want to be there with you! you have a big club of fans here in Argentina following your steps on the mountains! people at the coffe place are asking where this crazy girl with her bike and her computer will come again to her office in mendoza? all my love, te quiero mucho, tinaji.-

  4. Claus Kock

    Hallo Billi, ich habe über deine Everest diary durch den Blog von C. Wellington erfahren. Ich bin ein Architekt und Triathlet aus Brasilien (hier ist es so warm im moment!) und wünsche es dir alles gut. Ich werde dein Tagesbuch weiter verfolgen und bin sicher dass du es schaffen wird. Grüss Claus

  5. chrissie wellington

    Billi ji. tapai ko ekdam balio manchhe nepal maa (is that right?!). i love you, and admire you so much.


  6. Tim

    Hi Billi-ji

    All sounds amazing. Didn’t surprise me to hear you had been reprimanded for going too fast. If my recent marathon experience is anything to go by…the only prize is for finishing (not going off fast) and you can rest assured it will be damn painful towards the end. Keep your energy for the summit!

    Look forward to the next post. Sorry not to see you in Kathmandu next week!

  7. karin k

    I am glad, my friend, that you are going to listen to their advice. Why not? What do you have to lose from listening to the experts? Everyone knows you’re strong as hell.

  8. mama

    bärbele wir denken ganz fest an dich und drücken beide daumen, folge dem russel und mach nix falsches dickes bussi,mama

  9. Ms D

    Back from SF and great to be able to catch up with what you’re up to. Wir denken an dich und senden good vibes and our love on the waves!

  10. Fergus Anderson

    If it was easy Billi everyone would be doing.

    Thinking of you Billi, live the dream…

    Fergie X


  11. Bethan

    I like seeing the photos, Billi….can we see some of all the fabulous Sherpa…and can we see one showing the route you will take when you set off, eventually?! It’s very exciting. Are you managing to conserve energy 😉 x

  12. danielle gurung

    Go go Billi! We’re following you and cheering you all the way! godspeed.

  13. Tina Rai

    how could you not be followed 🙂 we all are here praying for you and wishing you all the best. your updates are great to read and also to know that you are having this amazing experience, and sharing it with us (atleast me, who might not ever make it to the Big E). so take care and know that we all are here, keeping an eye on you. lotsa love and by now you must be running up to luboje blindfolded. xx

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