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I don’t want to make this a meteorological website, however, after having ranted about the dry and dirty air in Kathmandu, I just wanted to give an update on the latest smog and weather developments in the capital. After about five months of dry weather we have finally had some rain. On Saturday, the skies opened for about one hour and we had the long-awaited downpour. This has cleared the air a bit, got rid of the dust and eased the smog! We can finally see blue skies again and breathing is no longer painful!

According to weather reports, there was a bit of snowfall in the Everest region and on Friday some flights to Lukla were diverted to as far as Pokhara in the west of the country! After not having been able to land at the airstrip in the Khumbu, one of the planes returned to Kathmandu, where it could not land due to the smog – so it went to Pokhara instead. However, the Twin Otter managed to return to Kathmandu but never made it to Lukla that day. Well, I guess it was a free scenic flight!

More on the weather and the arriving expeditions shortly.

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    Hey – what about Everest base camp getting a bit cleaner? What is the state of it now and is it in peril? Are you going to make it dirtier with your presence??? Let us know!

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